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Jun. 23rd, 2011


More Permissions

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Jun. 5th, 2011


Game threads - Passing

Moon tag
Library tag
Village tag
Abarat tag
Beach tag
Playground tag
1st Transmission
Junkyard tag


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May. 31st, 2011


A swiped character meme

Jack Spicer
Age: late 20s
Distinguishing/Hidden features: Very pale skin, very red hair
Style: Dark, gothic
Greatest flaw:  Can be very annoying; has a tendency to backstab.
Best quality:  Can be sweet; 

Character's Financial/Social Situation:
Quite well off--in property, if not cash.  Grew up rich, and is now making plenty of money through his own efforts.  He spends most of his profits on robot parts, though.
Educational Background:  Finished high school.  Trained in snowboarding and figure skating, knows a bit of martial arts.  Highly skilled self-taught roboticist.  Fully bilingual.
Family & Relationships: 
Father - They have a loving relationship, but aren't close.  Mr. Spicer spent most of Jack's childhood at work.

Mother - Jack was always a major momma's boy, to the point that he used to have panic attacks if away from her for more than a day.  (This separation anxiety disorder was eventually cured.)  Surprisingly, Mrs. Spicer isn't very aware of what Jack does with his time and never has been.

Cousin Megan - 9-10 years younger than Jack and has bullied him mercilessly since she was 5.  As she and Jack grew up she continued to pick on him the way only family can until Jack finally lost it and punched her in the face at one of his parents' parties.  They've been estranged ever since, for which Jack is grateful.

Wuya - Jack's first evil teammate.  Jack sees her as something of a second mother, but neither of them have much respect for each other.  Wuya always believed she was the leading force behind their partnership and left him several times for someone "better," but usually came back to Jack anyway.  They haven't spoken in quite a while (since he got out of the wu business, and she was only ever interested in him for his ability to get her wu).

Chase Young - One of Jack's evil heroes.  Jack has always looked up to him and tried to get his approval ever since meeting him.  Jack has finally come to terms with the fact that Chase despises and wants nothing to do with him.  Jack still hopes to eventually impress him, but doesn't waste a lot of thought on it.

The monks - They were Jack's enemies back when he hunted wu.  He loved to mock them, but he never really hated them, and actually has some good memories of them.  He had a slight crush on Kimiko, who thought he was creepy.  

Character's Spiritual/Religious Beliefs:
Vaguely spiritual, but not really religious.  Has no particularly set beliefs, except that good and evil are sharply defined alignments.

Any Mental Illnesses?
ADHD, poor self esteem, (cured) separation anxiety disorder, several phobias
How does Character see himself/herself?  Future world conquerer
How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others? Worthless, annoying loser
How would others describe your Character? Annoying, kinda pitiful, sometimes adorkable
What is the spine of your character? He's incredibly cowardly.  You have no idea.  He has learned to manage his fear and can overcome it given enough incentive, but it's pretty much always there.  That said, he's not exactly a pushover.  He has enough will to overcome his fears, and he has the will to get the better of you, you... question-asking... person.
What is the mental process of your character?  Kinda scattered.  He can focus, he just... doesn't as often as he should.
What would most embarrass this character? Knowing that someone else knew his greatest fear: being flushed down the toilet.
What does the character want out of life? To rule the world.
What would the character like to change in his/her life? Being so afraid of everything. 
What motivates this character?  The desire to be important; to be seen as a bigshot.
What frightens this character? What doesn't would be a shorter list. 
What makes this character happy?  Flattery, attention, people just generally giving a damn about him, robots, EVIL.

Pudding cups
Color: Black
Season of the year: eehh, nature...  :(
TV Show: Doesn't watch a lot of TV

I believe when we die, we:
"I dunno.  How does that even matter?"
The greatest thing one person can do for another is: “Be trustworthy.”
The ugliest thing I ever saw was: “It made me throw up, so I'd rather not think about it.  I'm feeling queasy already...”
The most beautiful thing I ever saw was: [Blushes] "Ah--I'm not going to tell you that either." 
I am superstitious about: “Not very much... if I'm superstitious about anything, I haven't noticed."

May. 27th, 2011


IC Contact

[Most people reach this number:]

[Robotic voice] "BetterBots, Protecting Tomorrow.  We do our utmost to protect your privacy and your wellbeing.  How may I assist you?"

[Some select few may reach this number:]
"If you've reached this number, I assume you already know who I am.  Please leave a message that includes who you are and how you got this number, or I will find you. *beep*"

[[Please specify which phone you reach]]


Any concrit?

Comments screened and anonymous on.

May. 26th, 2011


Passing Information

Character name: Jack Spicer
Character fandom: Xiaolin Showdown
Version: 2
Canon point: About 10 years after the end of the show.
Importing development from old game? No
Background:  This is pretty accurate.
Another, but less extensive.

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May. 25th, 2011


non-game threads

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